Popular Flavors Of Beef Jerky To Enjoy

Beef jerky can be a good snack option to have handy, whether you're at home, at work, or traveling. Because jerky is packed with protein that can help to fill you up and doesn't require refrigeration, it's easy to toss a package of jerky into your hiking backpack or golf bag. If you don't have much experience eating beef jerky, you might automatically choose a generic flavor. There's nothing wrong with this approach, but it can also be fun to try some different flavors that are readily available. Here are four popular beef jerky flavors that you may wish to check out.


Lots of beef jerky companies produce peppered jerky, which is known for its ample supply of cracked black pepper. When you pick up a piece of this jerky, you'll see several chunks of pepper stuck to it. The pepper not only produces a level of heat that many people enjoy but also offers a bit of a crunchy texture. If you love eating pepper steak, peppered jerky can be a good product to try.


While peppered jerky offers some heat, it's not the spiciest flavor that is available. You'll find all sorts of beef jerky products that are quite spicy, which can be perfect for the type of person who frequently seeks out spicy snacks. Some jerky products are simply labeled as "hot," while others are named after the peppers from which they get their heat. For example, you'll commonly see jalapeno jerky, habanero jerky, and other similar options.


If you love the Asian flavor of teriyaki, perhaps ordering various teriyaki dishes when you dine out, you might think about trying teriyaki-flavored beef jerky. Teriyaki is a complex flavor with many different notes. It features a salty quality from its inclusion of soy sauce but also has subtle sweet flavors. You may also notice slight garlic and ginger flavors, which add to the complex taste of this type of jerky.


Barbecue-flavored jerky is another popular product that you'll encounter. This flavor features the familiar taste of ketchup-based barbecue sauce. It's slightly sweet and slightly smoky and may remind you of a steak that you've grilled and then brushed with your favorite barbecue sauce. Some barbecue jerky can be a little on the spicy side, while other products can feature sweeter flavor notes. Look for these and other beef jerky flavors online or at a local shop.

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Beef jerky can be a good snack option to have handy, whether you're at home, at work, or traveling. Because jerky is packed with protein that can help

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