Healthy Meal Options That Contain Sauerkraut

There are many health benefits of sauerkraut that you should know of. Sauerkraut contains beneficial bacteria that aid in digestion. It also contains fiber, vitamins, and minerals that are essential for good health. If you haven't consumed sauerkraut in a while and are only familiar with serving pickled cabbage on top of hot dogs, try some of the following delicious and nutritious serving options.

A Filling Ingredient That Mingles With Diced Vegetables

Sauerkraut is fermented cabbage and possesses the same texture as shredded cabbage that is commonly used to fill egg rolls. Sauerkraut can be used to fill pastry shells, seaweed wraps, pitas, and more. When mixed with a blend of healthy vegetables, the taste of sauerkraut will intertwine with the other flavors that have been added to a filling mixture.

If you are keeping a close eye on your sodium intake, review the amount that is contained within a specialty sauerkraut product. If you would like to reduce the sodium that you will be consuming, pour the sauerkraut into a colander and use cool water to rinse off the pickled cabbage for a minute or two. Add diced onions, peppers, okra, mushrooms, or any other minced vegetable to a bowl. Toss the vegetables with the sauerkraut.

Fill a pastry, pita, or wrap with the mixture. Heat up the stuffed snack for a couple of minutes, and avoid overheating the sauerkraut, since too much heat could destroy the beneficial enzymes that it contains. Drizzle a low-fat salad dressing or melted cheese over the outer layer that the stuffing is encased in.

If you would like to fully immerse yourself in the taste that sauerkraut is known for, pour the pickle brine that was in the sauerkraut jar or can directly onto your stuffed snack. The brine will be packed with the same healthful benefits that are found in sauerkraut.

A New Flavor Profile for Pasta and Salads

Give pasta and salads a lift, by adding a couple of heaping tablespoons of sauerkraut to either dish. Shredded sauerkraut has a slightly crunchy texture. The zestiness of the sauerkraut will turn a dull bowl of pasta or lettuce leaves into a hearty meal. Avoid cooking the sauerkraut and simply add it to the dish that you are preparing.

If you want to restrict carbs, purchase a cauliflower pasta product to substitute for a wheat flour pasta product. Avoid using tomatoes, and other items that contain carbs, as ingredients for your salad. Use a quality sauerkraut product that does not contain any artificial ingredients. 

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