Taking Pine Pollen For ED? Follow These Tips

Pine pollen has become a common natural remedy for erectile dysfunction. Pollen, as the male reproductive substance of the pine tree, contains compounds that are equivalent to plant testosterone — so it can act as a testosterone supplement, helping to increase vitality and libido. If you are thinking of taking pine pollen capsules for ED, here are some tips to guide you.

Make sure it is fresh.

Pine pollen is chock full of nutrients that help support reproductive health. These nutrients include various vitamins and antioxidants, many of which deplete over time as the pine pollen sits. In other words, the fresher the pine pollen is, the more effective it is likely to be. So when you purchase pine pollen capsules, look for a processing date. Try to buy capsules that have been processed within the last month. And only buy as much as you will need for a month or two, at most. Stocking up for a year isn't a good idea in this case since, by the time you use some of those pine pollen capsules, many of the more volatile nutrients will have dissipated.

Start slow.

The bottle containing your pine pollen capsules will probably have come with dosage guidelines. Depending on the size of the capsules, it may tell you to take two or three, several times a day. It is a good idea, however, to start slow and work up to this dosage. Just take one capsule the first few days. Then, work up to taking one capsule twice a day. Increase your dose from there, until you're taking the amount recommended on the bottle. This gives your body time to adapt to the substances in the pine pollen, so you're less likely to face side effects like mood swings and oily skin.

Take it with food.

Pine pollen can be a little irritating to the stomach, so it is best if you take the capsules with food. You don't have to eat a whole meal with them, but at least grab a small snack — preferably something with a little fat in it, since that will enhance the absorption of any fat-soluble nutrients contained within the pollen.

Taking pine pollen capsules is a good choice for anyone who wants to explore a natural approach to ED management. Just make sure you use fresh capsules, increase your dose slowly, and take the capsules with a little food.

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