3 Ways to Identify Artesian Gelato

If you have never had gelato, you are missing out on a special treat. Gelato is a cold treat, but it is not the same as ice cream. Gelato is made from milk and cream, like ice cream; however, gelato has more milk than cream, and gelato doesn't have eggs in it. This results in a frozen treat that is very different from ice-cream, but very tasty as well. When it comes to spotting the best gelato, there are a few things you need to look for.

Thing #1: Look at the Color of the Gelato

Artesian gelato is designed to use natural ingredients, which impacts the color of the gelato. If you are looking to enjoy some natural-looking and tasting gelato, pay attention to the color of the gelato. Natural gelato is not going to be vibrant in color. For example, a lemon gelato is going to have more of a white color to it than a bright yellow color. The same with pistachio gelato. It will be a faint light green and will not be a bright fluorescent green.

Thing #2: Look for Seasonal Ingredients

Real artesian gelato is made using seasonal ingredients. That means you are not going to be able to access mango gelato when mangos are not in season. When it comes to gelato, a lot of the flavors are based on natural flavors, with seasonal fruits being at the forefront of the flavors you can purchase. Stick to gelato that features in-season flavors — that is the freshest gelato you can get.

Thing #3: Look at the Ingredients

If you want to enjoy some true artesian gelato, you need to look at the ingredient list. The ingredient list should include egg whites, milk, and cream as well as whatever the feature flavor is. Good gelato shouldn't have any palm oil or hydrogenated fats in the ingredient list. When hydrogenated fats are added to the gelato, they can leave you feeling thirsty.

Many people mistakenly believe gelato is diary-free, and that is not true. If you want to enjoy a dairy-free treat, you need to order some sorbetto, which does not contain milk, cream, or eggs.

If you want to enjoy some artesian gelato, look for gelato that has more natural, light colors. Look for gelato that is made from seasonal ingredients for the freshest gelato. Finally, read the ingredient list and stay away from gelato with hydrogenated fats in it.

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