How To Make Outstanding, Beautiful Cakes

Cake decorating is a fun hobby that you can do at home. All you need are a few pans and piping bags for applying icing. However, you can take your cakes to the next level by decorating with a few stunning accents. Here are four additions that will help you create beautiful cakes:

1. Decorate with gold.

Gold is safe for human consumption, and many upscale bakeries decorate their baked goods using real gold leaf. Fortunately, you can decorate with gold leaf without breaking the bank. While gold is a precious metal, the quantities you need to decorate a cake are very small. Gold leaf is lightweight, which means you won't need to purchase much gold at all for a beautiful effect. Try to use the gold leaf sparingly. Less is more for this particular application. Use it as an eye-catching accent.

2. Add some glitter.

If you want a different kind of sparkle, you can add edible glitter to your cake. This is a crowd favorite, especially among young children. Make sure you purchase the correct type of glitter. You want to buy glitter that is safe for human consumption. It's sometimes called disco dust or luster dust, and you can find it at any baking supply shop. Never use the type of glitter found in craft stores, since craft glitter is made from plastic or metal and may contain harmful dyes. Use your edible glitter by sprinkling it over the top of your cake. Add it over buttercream frosting or a similar type of sticky icing for best results.

3. Try edible flowers.

If you prefer a more natural aesthetic, you can impress your guests by decorating your cake with edible flowers. Edible flowers look particularly lovely on "naked cakes," which are layer cakes held together with buttercream frosting but left bare on the outside. These cakes are great for people who enjoy their desserts a little less sweet. Their rustic good looks will be beautifully complimented with a scattering of edible flowers.  For example, edible orchids are both exotic and captivating. They come in an array of colors from deepest purple to green or white. Mix and match your orchid colors for a unique and fun look.

4. Experiment with fondant.

Fondant is tricky to work with, but it can give you incredible, smooth effects. You can purchase fondant pre-made in sheets. All you need to do is roll it out and apply it to the outside of your cake. Work carefully and slowly. Fondant is forgiving, so you can always remove it, re-roll it, and try again if you make a mistake.

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