The First-Timer's Guide To Buying And Eating Caviar

Caviar: it is portrayed in the movies as being a food fit for the gods — something only the wealthy are able to afford and enjoy. In reality, although caviar can be expensive, it actually comes in a range of price points and can be within reach, if you have a decent income and are looking for a way to celebrate. But, if you did not grow up with a silver spoon in your mouth, you may not know the first thing about buying and eating caviar. That's where this first-timer's guide will come in handy.

Buy a quality product.

There are many different types of caviar. For your first time, you want to try a decent type so you can be confident whether you like it or don't. A good type to try is Russian Osetra caviar. Within the type, you can choose from different varietals. Black caviar tends to be affordable. If you've never had caviar before and are not even sure if you'll like it, start with a jar of black from a good brand. Amber caviar costs slightly more, but is within reach for most people. It's a good choice, if you've sampled caviar before and know you'll at least like the taste. On the higher end, you have options like gold and karat. These are absolutely delicious, but probably not worth the splurge, for a first-timer.

Chill the caviar.

Caviar is almost always sold in jars. The jar will come to you sealed and at room temperature. You can store it at room temperature, as long as the jar is not opened, but do put it in the fridge to chill at least four hours before you plan on enjoying it. Room temperature caviar is not as enjoyable.

Use mother of pearl spoons.

Metal spoons are thought to alter the taste of the caviar, so the preferred spoon to use is one made from mother of pearl. If you do not yet have or cannot afford one of these, a spoon made from bone will work; you can find them at most specialty foods stores, and some places may even include one, with your caviar order.

Enjoy it on toast.

Although there are many ways to enjoy caviar, one of which is served alone on a spoon, the most approachable way for most people to try it the first time is on toast. More specifically, toast a piece of good-quality French bread. Butter it with some grass-fed butter, and then add a small dollop of caviar and a little creme fraiche. Enjoy! As you grow more accustomed to the taste, you can experiment with other ways to enjoy the caviar.

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