Three Reasons to Choose Loose-Leaf Tea Over Tea Bags

Drinking tea has many benefits, including health benefits, and tea brings the benefit of giving you some energy if you are drinking green or black tea. However, not many people realize that there is a huge difference between drinking tea made from loose leaves rather than tea bags. While tea bags tend to be more common because they are easily found at grocery stores and are a bit easier to prepare, here are three reasons you should be choosing loose-leaf tea instead.

Loose-Leaf Tea Is Fresh:

The tea that goes into tea bags is simply the dust from the tea leaves, and this is easier to preserve, so it can stay on the shelves longer. When you purchase loose-leaf tea, it is going to be much fresher because it is made from whole tea leaves or leaves that are slightly broken. This is going to taste much fresher, and you will get more enjoyment out of the quality of the taste. 

Loose-Leaf Tea Is Healthier:

When you drink loose leaf tea, you are also going to experience more health benefits. This is because when you are getting the whole, fresh tea leaf, you are also getting more antioxidants from drinking the tea. These antioxidants are what make tea known for possibly preventing tumor growth, helping with weight loss, strengthening the immune system, and more. Tea bags have these same benefits, but it's in lesser amounts since you are only getting the dust of the tea leaf and not the whole tea leaf itself. This means you will have to drink a whole lot more of it than just one cup per day. 

Loose-Leaf Tea Tastes Much Better:

Finally, loose-leaf tea is going to taste much better than tea bags because of the fresher flavor and because you are getting the whole tea leaf, which is going to saturate the water more than tea bags would. This also means that you may not have to add as much sugar and milk to your tea, which can actually make the tea much less healthy for you to drink, especially if you normally add a ton of sugar. With more flavor, you can reduce the additives and get more enjoyment out of every sip. 

When you know these three reasons to choose loose-leaf tea over tea bags, you can be sure that you understand why it's worth making the trip to a specialty loose-leaf tea store such as Diehl's Real Teas instead of purchasing tea bags from your local grocery store. 

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