Switch The Java For Tea: Non-Coffee Alternatives For A Morning Boost

Coffee is well known for being the drink of choice for non-morning people, as it delivers a punch of both flavor (to wake you up) and caffeine (to keep you awake). But if you're trying to kick the coffee habit, morning can become the most daunting part of the day, and you may find yourself nodding off during work. So how do you get that coffee feeling without actually drinking a cup of joe? If you're looking for non-coffee alternatives that will still add a kick to your morning and get you raring to go, then here's what you need to know.

Green Tea

Green tea is the coffee alternative that most people will recommend you, and for good reason. Though it doesn't have quite as much caffeine as coffee does, it does contain catechins and flavonoids (polyphenols that function as antioxidants), which help to fight disease, thus keeping your body healthier. In addition, green tea can also improve the way your brain functions, which makes you more efficient and accurate when you get to work. And if all of that isn't enough to convince you, you should know that green tea boosts your metabolism, causing you to burn fat even when you're not exercising.

Licorice Tea

No, this tea doesn't come in a variety of hues and fruity flavors like its name would suggest – it's made out of actual licorice root, which is just as tasty as (and far better for you than) candy licorice. Licorice will both help to de-stress you, as it supports your adrenal glands, and will give you a gentle kick in the pants in the mornings as this adrenal tonic boosts your energy. Sweet with a touch of spice, licorice tea can help your health as well as your energy with its power to soothe ulcers and even decrease body fat.

Figwort Tea

Definitely the least common coffee substitute on this list, figwort tea is nevertheless a good solution if you have trouble getting yourself going in the morning. Containing everything from amino acids and flavonoids to essential fatty acids, the main reason you should be interested in figwort tea (besides its delicious flavor) is the fact that it stimulates your liver, heart, and your blood circulation. These last two benefits especially can help you to feel awake, alert, and ready for the day ahead of you. If you need another reason, you should know that figwort is also used to calm inflammation in the body, especially joint pain – which is good if you wake up with a creaky back every morning.

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