From Crumpets To Yoga: 5 Unique Bridal Shower Ideas For The Perfect Day

Throwing a bridal shower can seem like a fun task until you begin planning it. Too often, showers end up looking like cookie-cutter replicas of every other bridal shower you've attended: a bunch of people sitting on folding chairs watching their friend or family member unpack lingerie, followed by cake and a few games everyone would rather not be forced to play. 

Want to give a shower that everyone will really enjoy? How about one that will make the bride, bridesmaids and guests feel beautiful, young and special? Here are 5 unique and fabulous ideas for your shower.

The Yoga Shower

Whether or not the bride and guests are well-versed in yoga, it can be a great way to relax everyone and do a little team-building. If you don't already have a good instructor, look for one who is willing to personalize a yoga class for the bridal party's specific stresses. Make sure the class will be designed to guide all skill levels through the poses. You can do the yoga class in a studio, a park or even a backyard. Serve relaxing beverages and healthy foods to go along with the theme. 

The Tea Shower

A classic adult tea party can be an excellent way to bring out the best in your bridal shower guests. Whether it's the lighter "afternoon tea" or a heavier "high tea" meal, you can encourage guests to dress up in white gloves and hats (how about a Best Hat Contest?) and help them feel elegant for a day. If the weather is good, hosts your event outdoors with a collection of round tables and all the china tea sets you can find among friends and family. Have several types of tea available and complement them with juices, finger sandwiches, scones or crumpets, hors d'oeuvres and small pastries.  For bonus points, press a few husbands or brothers into service as waiters so the ladies feel truly pampered. To up this idea another notch, consider ordering food that is specially prepared for such events from local professionals, such as Clumzy Clover Teas & Treasures.

The Winery Shower

Wineries are an excellent place for some female bonding in a beautiful atmosphere. With a great venue already set up, you really don't need to do much to make this shower a success. Hire a limo or small bus to travel to and from the winery -- especially if everyone will be drinking the wine. You can either select a single local winery and book a small room to host the party or you can make it an on-the-go party and sample 3 or more wineries in an afternoon.  

The Spa Shower

A spa day is a perfect relaxation day for the bridal party. Check out all your spa options before the big day to ensure that the facility is large enough, has enough variety and is willing to do a little extra to make your bride's day special. Most spas offer light lunch or dinner facilities, but if you need to provide your own, arrange for on-site delivery to ensure that the magic of the spa is not disturbed. Be sure to ask for group discounts when arranging things. 

The Painting Shower

Many neighborhoods now boast at least one shop that allows people to paint their own art either alone or in a group. You can choose from ceramics, canvases or even sculptures. Book the entire store for an evening and let your friends engage their inner artist while sipping from specially-selected wines. Ask about group discounts and wine selection since these businesses can be a little expensive.  

Whatever your taste, you can build a fun and offbeat bridal shower that will make everyone feel like a million bucks. The trick is to think outside the crepe paper box and look around at what other group activities your guests could enjoy together. If you do, you'll be the one to create a day of fantastic memories for your bride that will last a lifetime.  

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